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When you want to hang a light fixture on the wall or ceiling and there isn't a ceiling box in place, the crowsfoot provides a 3/8" threaded fixture stud to mount to. The 1/2" stud is also available but not common.

Crowsfoot Image



A rat tail can be either the flexible mandrel alone or the mandrel and wire brush hooked together. This assembly is then pulled through the conduit prior to pulling cable to remove any dirt, debris or obstacles that were introduced after the conduit was installed.

Rat Tail (Cable Pulling) Image



An adaptor used to affix a lighting fixture directly to an electric box when the fixture and electrical box mounting holes do not line up, ( see also 'Crossbar Hanger').

Bar Hanger Image



Converts a 2-wire ungrounded outlet so it accepts a 3-wire U-Ground plug. It is rated 120V and 15amp. This is not a safe item to use and should be replaced with a modern 3-prong outlet with a proper ground.

"We gotta switch out all these wall warts."

3 Prong Adapter Image



Assist manipulating Fish Bits for accurate placement within the wall.

Bit Bender Image



There are two types of hand operated benders: hickeys and hand benders. While both are usually iron, hand benders are also offered in aluminum. The real difference between them is the size of the head. Hickeys are 60% smaller then benders allowing the user to make very tight bends close together. As a rule of thumb, you would use a hand bender the majority of the time and save the hickey for when you have to make a number of very tight bends that a hand bender simply couldn’t do. Hand benders, however, have the advantage in that they have degree scales and bending indicators etched on the side to aid in the bending process.

Rigid Bender Image



This is a piece of a larger bending tool.


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