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A hollow, metal, flexible conduit system made of either steel or aluminum. Wires are pulled through them in accordance with NEC 350, 430-123, 502-4, 503-3, 517-30, 645-5. You find this used most often for fixture whips, motor attachments to safety switches, and other short run connections where a flexible system is more suitable than a rigid pipe system.

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A Zinc anchor that sets in masonry by tightening a screw or bolt 1/4-3/4".

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an indoor track head;

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This is an open bottomed octagon ring that gets cemented into the building floor (deck) after being nailed to the wood sub flooring. By using back plates and covers, it becomes a complete deck box and is available in depths from 2" to 6" with knockouts from 1/2" to 1". It is called a concrete ring when it is extending an existing mud box and it can be called a mud box when it has a back plate and serves as a mud box. A classic mud box, however, comes as one unit with the back plate welded in place.

Those boxes are too far back. You'll need to use some goof rings.

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The strut used to hang acoustical tile is called Black iron. This is the "C" shaped, 1-1/2" black strut that is bolted to the concrete deck or wooden beams using CADDY® hangers to create a secure mounting point for the grid ceiling runners. When looking-up fittings for black iron, most catalogs, such as CADDY®, use the term Lathers Channel.

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