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Typically though of as the goo used in compression and split-bolt connections where aluminum wire is used, the PENETROX product is an oxide-inhibiting grease designed to create an air-tight and moisture resistant joint. The goal is to prevent the oxidation or corrosion of the metal products used in the electrical connection. Depending upon the type of metals found in the joint, you would use a specific version of the product containing suspended particles designed for that metal. Type "A" contains Copper particles and is used for Aluminum to Copper or Aluminum to Conduit (Steel). Type "B" contains Zinc particles and is used where the metals are all aluminum. It has found favor in a number of industries, such as Ham Radio operators, where the grease acts as a lubricant for threaded connections and reduces the chance of them seizing down the road.

Dielectric Grease Image



Regular hook hickey which has a 3/8" thread on the top and a hook on the bottom for a 3/8" rod. The regular is as opposed to the wide hook, or the slotted switch or the ceiling hook hickies. This item is coded as Yorkville to refer to the old industry standard catalog but is not manufactured by Satco, Angelo or any others at this time. Available stock is limited to New Old Stock.

Fluorescent Hook Hickey Image



Connects the ground wire from Romex to a metal switch/outlet box.



Brass adapter that fits between floor box collar and device mounting plate.



These splices fall into a category called Insulation Displacement Connectors are used exclusively for plain old telephone wires (POTS), alarm and other low voltage circuits. You insert the wires, compress with a linesman pliers (or special tool) and the metal teeth inside will pierce the insulation and make a permanent connection that is moisture resistant. While the Dolphin is re-distributed by a variety of manufacturers and refers to the round tubular unit, the 3M UR performs a similar job but has a gel to protect the wires.

B Type Splice Image



Heavy duty, stainless steel, one-piece expansion bolt that works by compressing the side sleeve against the hole made in concrete or stone. Available in sizes ranging from 1/4" x 1-3/4" all the way to 1-1/4" x 12".

Rawlstud Image



When you want to extend an Edison base lamp out from the socket, the porcelain socket extender is an ideal choice.


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