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Converts a 2-wire ungrounded outlet so it accepts a 3-wire U-Ground plug. It is rated 120V and 15amp. This is not a safe item to use and should be replaced with a modern 3-prong outlet with a proper ground.

"We gotta switch out all these wall warts."

Cheater: Wire Device Image



A hollow, metal, flexible conduit system made of either steel or aluminum. Wires are pulled through them in accordance with NEC 350, 430-123, 502-4, 503-3, 517-30, 645-5. You find this used most often for fixture whips, motor attachments to safety switches, and other short run connections where a flexible system is more suitable than a rigid pipe system.

Flexible Metal Conduit Image



You use this anchor when you want to attach a machine screw to concrete, block or brick. Sizes from 6/30 to 3/4".

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Lubricating compound used to reduce tension between cable insulation and the conduit during the pulling process. In the early days of the electrical industry, people used Ivory Soap Flakes to perform this function earning it the term SOAP. In 1973, inventor Nelson Jonnes concocted a water-polymer solution that would eventually become Polywater® It was initially marketed as "Slippery Stuff" and sold to divers as a body lube to help ease into and out of the wet suits. Eventually it was used as a sex lube and Polywater® sold that division off. The Polywater® product caught-on as a cable lubricant initially with the Transit Authorities, which required the use of Bentonite Clay. Polywater® Cable lubricant is sold by a wide variety of manufacturers today.

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An adaptor used to affix a lighting fixture directly to an electric box when the fixture and electrical box mounting holes do not line up, (see also 'Fixture Bar').

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A short 90 degree, threaded, male to female, ridgid elbow available in short or long without a cover

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Family of stickers that say "danger high voltage" in a variety of styles/sizes.


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