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Tests the condition of wire insulation and the presence of shorts.

Megohmeter® Image



A cleaner used to remove contamination from a variety of insulations and jackets of high voltage cable prior to completing the splicing process.

Cable Cleaner Image



Strong decorative weldless steel chain to hang fixtures. Usually made out of brass or zinc.

Jack Chain Image



Used to join two threaded conduits when conduit can't be turned for a coupling.



You use this anchor when you want to attach a machine screw to concrete, block or brick. Sizes from 6/30 to 3/4".

Calking Anchor Image



Described as floor plate plug inserts, these threaded plugs seal-up an unused device opening in a floor box plate. You order them in sizes from 1/2" to 2".

Abandon Plug Image



A rat tail can be either the flexible mandrel alone or the mandrel and wire brush hooked together. This assembly is then pulled through the conduit prior to pulling cable to remove any dirt, debris or obstacles that were introduced after the conduit was installed.

Rat Tail (Cable Pulling) Image


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