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Connects and separates two boxes while building a raceway between them.

Box Connector Image



Connects two pieces of threaded rigid conduit when one piece can't be turned. Comes in aluminum, steel, malleable iron and zinc/die-cast construction in sizes from 1/2" to 5" If the same thing needs to be done for non-threaded pipe, you would use a threadless compression coupling.

Conduit Union Image



Rectangular box that a piece of 1/2" through 4" PVC is put into so it can be heated to the point where it can be bent for offsets, saddles, bends, etc. As compared to the PVC BLANKET, the HOT BOX bends a longer section of pipe and covers a wider range of sizes in one product. The PVC BLANKET, however, is smaller and more portable. To make bends, the electrician puts the pipe into the box, powers on the unit, rotates the pipe while it heats-up and waits for the pipe to become flexible. The pipe is then removed from the box and bent into the appropriate shape.

PVC Bender Image



Originally invented by Anaconda in 1947, Sealtite® is the Trade name for flexible, liquid-tight conduit. It can be found in applications as mundane as an air conditioning whip all the way to nuclear power plants. In its many forms, it is essentially a flexible metal core (much like Greenfield) covered by a moisture resistant covering. The typical construction for general use in electrical construction is a crush resistant core made from high-grade galvanized steel with smooth bore for easy wire fishing. The PVC jacket covers the core to provide protection from moisture, dirt, and abrasion. This product can also be ordered in a low smoke, low toxic version for Transit Authority work.

Carflex® Image



The steel conduit hanger is used to secure 1/2" to 4" rigid (GAL) or EMT conduit to some type of support using the hole on top of the hanger. Typically, the pipe is suspended from strut or directly from the concrete using a piece of threaded rod but the hanger is also used to attach conduit directly to an insulator or some other surface. Manufactured by Steel City, Erico (Caddy), Bridgeport and others; the hanger is available with or without the lower bolt and nut. Originally invented by Minneralac in 1904 as the Standard Conduit Hanger.

"I hit my head on another pain hanger."

Cowboy Image



Nylon rope blown, shot, or snaked into conduit to pull wire or a bigger pull line.

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Used to hang conduit from a strut support.


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