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Rough twine.



Breaker locks are used to prevent someone from accidentally turning-on a breaker which has been switched off by a maintenance worker or contractor in compliance with OSHA's Lockout/Tagout standard. Usually used in conjunction with lockout tags that explain the who and why the breaker was locked-out. The model number shown below is specifically for the Square D QO single-pole breaker but there are versions for all the major manufacturers. You have to pay very careful attention to the catalog description to see if it fits the specific model of the manufacturers breaker you are trying to fit.

Breaker Lock Image



A fuse found in amperage sizes greater than 60amp. If you are asked for a knife blade safety switch, it refers to a 100amp or greater switch because the 60amp will be a cartridge style fuse. Safety switches come in 30a, 60a, and then jump to 100a although knife fuses are available starting at 70a, 80a, etc. The item code shown below is a reference to one type of fuse and isn't an indication at all of what the customer wants. You need to know amperage, voltage, UL Class, interrupting rating and most importantly, application.

Knife Blade Fuse Image



Used for telephone installations. A hole in the bit end assists in wire pulling.

Bell Hanger Bit Image



Mobile storage box for contractor tools on a jobsite.

Banjo Box Image



Converts a 2-wire ungrounded outlet so it accepts a 3-wire U-Ground plug. It is rated 120V and 15amp. This is not a safe item to use and should be replaced with a modern 3-prong outlet with a proper ground.

"We gotta switch out all these wall warts."

Cheater: Wire Device Image



An octagon shaped box that hangs from ceilings from lathers channels and often gets mistaken as a mud rings or other boxes that are buried by concrete.


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