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The steel conduit hanger is used to secure 1/2" to 4" rigid (GAL) or EMT conduit to some type of support using the hole on top of the hanger. Typically, the pipe is suspended from strut or directly from the concrete using a piece of threaded rod but the hanger is also used to attach conduit directly to an insulator or some other surface. Manufactured by Steel City, Erico (Caddy), Bridgeport and others; the hanger is available with or without the lower bolt and nut. Originally invented by Minneralac in 1904 as the Standard Conduit Hanger.

"I hit my head on another pain hanger."

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The device that a power blower shoots through a conduit system when fishing the initial line. It typically has a hard plastic core with a flexible foam body that fits a specific pipe size. It comes in 1/2" through 6" conduit sizes and has a loop at both ends to attach the fish line.

Blow Gun Image



An adaptor used to affix a lighting fixture directly to an electric box when the fixture and electrical box mounting holes do not line up, (see also 'Fixture Bar').

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These plates are used to conceal mistakes made during the installation or sheet rocking of the wall boxes. If a cutout was made too large or the taping not done properly, there just won't be enough wall behind a normal plate to hide the gap between the wall and the box. A large plate is used for these cases and they come in large and extra-large depending upon how wide the gap is. The part number shown is just to guide you to the correct section of the catalog because these come in multiple gangs, colors and device configurations.

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Described as floor plate plug inserts, these threaded plugs seal-up an unused device opening in a floor box plate. You order them in sizes from 1/2" to 2".

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Connects two pieces of threaded rigid conduit when one piece can't be turned. Comes in aluminum, steel, malleable iron and zinc/die-cast construction in sizes from 1/2" to 5" If the same thing needs to be done for non-threaded pipe, you would use a threadless compression coupling.

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Nylon or Zinc self-drilling anchor used for #8 x 1" screws into sheetrock, (see also 'Sure Wall').

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