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Quality bit welded to a long flexible steel shaft to install wire in existing work.

Fish Bit Image



Basket type pulling grip where wire mesh tightens over wire when pulled.

Pulling Basket Image



Typically though of as the goo used in compression and split-bolt connections where aluminum wire is used, the PENETROX product is an oxide-inhibiting grease designed to create an air-tight and moisture resistant joint. The goal is to prevent the oxidation or corrosion of the metal products used in the electrical connection. Depending upon the type of metals found in the joint, you would use a specific version of the product containing suspended particles designed for that metal. Type "A" contains Copper particles and is used for Aluminum to Copper or Aluminum to Conduit (Steel). Type "B" contains Zinc particles and is used where the metals are all aluminum. It has found favor in a number of industries, such as Ham Radio operators, where the grease acts as a lubricant for threaded connections and reduces the chance of them seizing down the road.

Ox-Gard Image



This is an 8-1/2" deep sleeve that is put into place by the electrician prior to the concrete being poured and it comes in varying widths. After the concrete sets, conduit is run through the sleeve to run risers from deck to deck. If a pour is deeper than 8-1/2", then the user will use two or more stacked together to do the job. They are made from a slippery plastic and are usually a forest green color. You would order them in sizes from 1-1/2" through 6". A 4" Crete sleeve would allow a 3" pipe to fit inside.

Flower Pot Image



Nylon rope blown, shot, or snaked into conduit to pull wire or a bigger pull line.

Drag Line Image



Sleeve type heavy-duty anchor that comes with a variety of head types. The installation base does not have to be solid like is necessary for the Wedge Type Anchor. Can be used in concrete, brick, block or stone.

Lok Bolt Image



Very thin round box for ceiling mounting a fixture. They come in 3-1/2" or 4" widths but are 1/2" deep.

Pancake Box/Pan Image


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