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Language is constantly evolving. So is electrical work. Electrical Slang provides a conglomerate of terminology used in the electrical industry. Established in 2017 with over 800 definitions, our database contains slang terms, nicknames, trademarked names, and generic terms.

When you’ve been in the industry for a while you refer to equipment and hardware by slang terms – without considering the technical stuff. If you’ve been around as long as copper wire, our dictionary might bring about some nostalgia. If you are a newbie to electrical work lost in jargon, peruse our terms for a crash-course in what you might hear on-the-job.

Using our resource, view a randomized term to expand your vernacular or search for a word you are unsure of with a keyword. Whether you are an electrician, contractor, or customer, we are committed to help you understand what is being said. Electrical Slang is brought to you by Elliott Electric Supply.

Our Start

Elliott Electric Supply wanted to help the electrical industry. Tenured in the business, we knew how jargon-laden daily operations can be which might be confusing for the new guy. As we are a company spanning across the south, we realized lingo also varies from region to region.

We created Electrical Slang to provide a dictionary to consolidate terms currently used across the industry and to lead the way in a collaborative effort of electrical workers to contribute new terms as their usage arises.

Electrical Slang owes a great deal to David Weinstein, former General Manager of Kennedy Electrical Supply Co., who once had a similar idea. He has a passion for the history of these terms. To tell the story of the sages of the trade and to deal with organizational jargon encountered in the electrical industry Mr. Weinstein's passion for the history of these terms gave birth to Tradeslang.com, a website defining the industry slang. He now works in real estate as CFO of a real estate firm out of New York. Building on the database he provided, Electrical Slang has been developed using Elliott Electric Supply’s expertise of the electrical field to provide you with an electrifying lexicon.

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