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CHICO, like CONDULET, is a registered trademark of Crouse-Hinds. According to Product Line Manager of Fittings, Brad Delans, CHICO comes from their name. C = Crouse, HI for Hinds and CO for company. Sealing compound used for hazardous location fittings. It provides a seal around and between the electrical conductors within the fitting. The sealing compound (cement) comes in package sizes ranging from 8oz to 10lbs and is mixed with water on the jobsite in the shipping container. As a liquid insulating compound, it is used along with the sealing or packing fiber. The fiber serves to prevent the sealing compound from leaking into the conduit and it put between the wires and the fitting hub before the sealing compound is poured into the fitting. The part numbers for Crouse-Hinds is as follows: A3 = 16oz can, A05 = 80oz can, X4 = 2oz of FIBER and X7 = 16oz of FIBER.

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