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In addressing conduit bending, the NEC requires that "bends in conduits will be made so that the tubing will not be injured and that the internal diameter of the conduit will not be effectively reduced." The Chicago-Type manual benders accomplish this quickly and reliably. It consists of a carriage to provide firm support, a removable bending frame so the user can work off the carriage or workbench, a 0 to 90degree bending indicator, a short handle and a shoe to accommodate specific conduit sizes. The user puts a piece of rigid pipe into the short handle to gain greater leverage. Shoes come in sizes from 1" to 2".

Chicago Bender Image



This is an 8-1/2" deep sleeve that is put into place by the electrician prior to the concrete being poured and it comes in varying widths. After the concrete sets, conduit is run through the sleeve to run risers from deck to deck. If a pour is deeper than 8-1/2", then the user will use two or more stacked together to do the job. They are made from a slippery plastic and are usually a forest green color. You would order them in sizes from 1-1/2" through 6". A 4" Crete sleeve would allow a 3" pipe to fit inside.

Concrete Pipe Sleeve Image



Split bolt connector used to mechanically join two or more wires together.

Post Servit ® Image



An adaptor used to affix a lighting fixture directly to an electric box when the fixture and electrical box mounting holes do not line up, (see also 'Fixture Bar').

Bracket Bar Image



Electrical nonmetallic tubing for fiber optic cable. Though it was originally blue, it now comes in a variety of colors, typically orange.

"Can you run down to the gang box and get me a roll of Smurf?"



Termed "double sided tape," this has the sticky stuff on both sides and is used to attach lightweight items that will later be screwed into place. It is more for alignment and ease of final installment than for permanent installation when used in the electrical industry.



A flexible package consisting of an armor jacket wrapped around wire conductors forming an easily installable wiring system. Similar to MC, AC has an overall Mylar wrapping over all the wires to provide protection and therefore doesn't require the use of Anti-Short Bushings.

BX Cable Image


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