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What do a "bug" and a "cherry" have in common?

They are both electrical slang terms!

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Cable tie mounting blocks with peel-off backing available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Black Beauty Image



This octagon box often gets confused with the mud rings or mud boxes because it has the same shape and bottom studs, but it is for a hung ceiling and doesn't get buried by the concrete. The fixture bars that support it are wired into the lathers channel.

Mud Box Image



Split bolt connector (looks like someone taped over a bug) used to mechanically join two or more wires together.

Hey Jim-Bob I need three #6 bugs right quick.

Kearnys Image



A cartridge fuse found in amperage sizes 60amp or lower. This group also includes midget, glass and ceramic fuses with the exception being that these fuses are used for electronic devices. If you are asked for a cartridge safety switch, it refers to a 60 or 30amp switch. The item code shown below is a reference to one type of fuse and isn't an indication at all of what the customer wants. You need to know amperage, voltage, UL Class, interrupting rating and most importantly, application.

Ferrule Fuse Image



When sprayed on ferrous metal, it prevents it from oxidizing. Composed mainly of zinc, is used to galvanize bare metal or to touch-up hot dipped galvanized fittings & pipes.

Cold Galvanize Image



30" 16/3 SJT cord spliced into a temporary light circuit for a local outlet.



Fits in end of conduit to shield cable from sharp edges during a pull.

Shin Guard Image


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