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Beam Clamps are used to hang objects from some kind of flange. They are attached by tightening a set-screw between the jaw base and the beam flange and come in sizes from 1/4" to 2". The bottom and back are tapped to accept a bolt or threaded rod.

Beam Clamp (Malleable) Image



Nails to wood stud where cable passes through to protect wire & plumbing pipe from nails driven into the wall sometime in the future, (see also 'Stud Plate'; 'Safety Plate'; 'Cable Protector').

Safety Plate Image



Reducing washer to fit a smaller pipe into a conduit entrance.



When fishing tape, it is often beneficial to have the fish tip be flexible to get around sharp bends or ridges created at fitting junctions. The tape leader looks like a tightly coiled spring with an attachment at one end to hold the fish line and a screw at the other to attach to the fish.

Fish Leader Image



Short elbow w/cover on back. Either threaded or S. S., and male, female or both ends.



These spacers are typically used in high-rise concrete deck construction where you pre-situate your conduit and then pour the concrete around it. When you have two or more pipes coming up through the deck and you need to make sure they stay in alignment with each other so they will properly match-up with standard knockouts on junction boxes, you use either Eyeglasses or Nail On Deck Plates. They both come in two or three hole configurations from 1/2" to 1" rigid but the nail-on deck plates have a greater surface area to contact with the wooden deck and are reported to hold the conduit in place better than the typical Eyeglasses.

Conduit Spacer Image



Basket type pulling grip where wire mesh tightens over wire when pulled.

Mesh Grip Image


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