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An old term for a Fillister Head Screw.

Cheese Head Screw Image



Holds gem box in sheetrock by offering counter pressure to the box ears.

Switch Box Support Image



A male dead front plug for 15A 120V.



Thick, square pencil used for marking on rough surfaces.

Carpenter Pencil Image



A bit that lets you cut multiple pre-set hole sizes in a single bit. Their self-starting tips means that you don’t need to center punch the hole prior to drilling. They are made from high grade steel and are ideal for cutting through thin metals like steel, copper, brass and aluminum. Because there is only one cutting edge, step-bits produce consistently round holes that are de-burred as they are drilled.

Kwik Step Bit® Image



An adaptor used to affix a lighting fixture directly to an electric box when the fixture and electrical box mounting holes do not line up, ( see also 'Crossbar Hanger').

Bar Hanger Image



Originally invented by Anaconda in 1947, Sealtite® is the Trade name for flexible, liquid-tight conduit. It can be found in applications as mundane as an air conditioning whip all the way to nuclear power plants. In its many forms, it is essentially a flexible metal core (much like Greenfield) covered by a moisture resistant covering. The typical construction for general use in electrical construction is a crush resistant core made from high-grade galvanized steel with smooth bore for easy wire fishing. The PVC jacket covers the core to provide protection from moisture, dirt, and abrasion. This product can also be ordered in a low smoke, low toxic version for Transit Authority work.

Carflex® Image


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