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Used for telephone installations. A hole in the bit end assists in wire pulling.

Bell Hanger Bit Image



A male dead front plug for 15A 120V.



Brass adapter that fits between floor box collar and device mounting plate.



This 50amp receptacle is used for electric kitchen ranges.

Range Receptacle Image



This is a self-drilling Phillips round wafer head sheet metal screw. It is also referred to as a Sharp Point, Wafer, Peanut, SMS, RWH or a M/T head. It is used to attach lathe or Caddy® type fasteners to metals studs. It is a #8 screw in lengths from 9/16" to 1-1/4" but is usually ordered in 1/2".

Silver Bullet Image



4" octagon outlet box 1-1/2" deep or 2-1/8" deep and varying K/O sizes

8BO Box Image



Regular hook hickey which has a 3/8" thread on the top and a hook on the bottom for a 3/8" rod. The regular is as opposed to the wide hook, or the slotted switch or the ceiling hook hickies. This item is coded as Yorkville to refer to the old industry standard catalog but is not manufactured by Satco, Angelo or any others at this time. Available stock is limited to New Old Stock.

Fluorescent Hook Hickey Image


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