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Green #12 or #14 solid wire with ground screw affixed to the an electrical box to provide a ground connection.



This B-Line product is designed to maintain the spacing of rigid conduit during a concrete deck pour and prevent debris from falling into the conduit. It takes the place of pipe caps and tape and does for the 1/2" through 1" rigid what Spacers do for larger conduit. Although two products are sold: Quick Caps and Spacers, the Quick Cap does both while the spacer only maintains conduit distance.

Quick Cap Image



The Right Angle Beam Clamp (RC) attaches pipe at a right angle to a beam. Associated products are the Parallel (PC) and Edge (EC) clamp. Comes in sizes from 3/8" to 4" conduit.

Parrot Beak Image



This is an insulated throat metal bushing that when used in conjunction with a locknut, affixes GAL or IMC to a metal enclosure and provides abrasion protection to the wire insulation. It comes in die-cast or malleable iron with a plastic insulator.

B-Bushing Image



This is a ¾" wide galvanized steel band with holes to accommodate nails and bolts. Available with the holes evenly spaced or with alternating small and large holes. It is typically used to hang some kind of pipe from some kind of support system such as strut, wooden studs or simple masonry.

Hanger Strap Image



These splices fall into a category called Insulation Displacement Connectors are used exclusively for plain old telephone wires (POTS), alarm and other low voltage circuits. You insert the wires, compress with a linesman pliers (or special tool) and the metal teeth inside will pierce the insulation and make a permanent connection that is moisture resistant. While the Dolphin is re-distributed by a variety of manufacturers and refers to the round tubular unit, the 3M UR performs a similar job but has a gel to protect the wires.

Dolphin® B Image



Transformer with a three voltage secondary (i.e.) 8-12-24.

Tri-Volt Transformer Image



This type of fitting uses compression to attach to the rigid conduit. Made of steel, it comes in a coupling or a connector style in sizes 1/2" to 4". It is faster than threading pipe and it works well in tight areas when threading is impossible or when the pipe can't be turned.

Threadless Compression Coupling Image


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