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This is an open bottomed octagon ring that gets cemented into the building floor (deck) after being nailed to the wood sub flooring. By using back plates and covers, it becomes a complete deck box and is available in depths from 2" to 6" with knockouts from 1/2" to 1". It is called a concrete ring when it is extending an existing mud box and it can be called a mud box when it has a back plate and serves as a mud box. A classic mud box, however, comes as one unit with the back plate welded in place.

Those boxes are too far back. You'll need to use some goof rings.

Mud Ring (Box) Image



The strut used to hang acoustical tile is called Black iron. This is the "C" shaped, 1-1/2" black strut that is bolted to the concrete deck or wooden beams using CADDY® hangers to create a secure mounting point for the grid ceiling runners. When looking-up fittings for black iron, most catalogs, such as CADDY®, use the term Lathers Channel.

Lathers Channel Image



This is an insulated throat metal bushing that when used in conjunction with a locknut, affixes GAL or IMC to a metal enclosure and provides abrasion protection to the wire insulation. It comes in die-cast or malleable iron with a plastic insulator.

B-Bushing Image



Used to cap-off pipe w/o a bushing or close a knock-out. Various sizes. Plastic.

Pull-O-Penny® Image



A multi-bladed anchor set into a hole dug in the earth. It expands to form a cone shaped square in either 6” or 8” sizes. When covered by the earth, it supports the Anchor Rod through the compression of the earth above it. Reinforcing ribs provide strength to the blades which are capable of handling extremely heavy loads.

Expanding Anchor Image



When a fitting is not required by NEC, you use this insulating bushing to protect data cables coming out of exposed EMT.

Bang On Bushing Image



Breaker locks are used to prevent someone from accidentally turning-on a breaker which has been switched off by a maintenance worker or contractor in compliance with OSHA's Lockout/Tagout standard. Usually used in conjunction with lockout tags that explain the who and why the breaker was locked-out. The model number shown below is specifically for the Square D QO single-pole breaker but there are versions for all the major manufacturers. You have to pay very careful attention to the catalog description to see if it fits the specific model of the manufacturers breaker you are trying to fit.

Breaker Lock Image


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