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These splices fall into a category called Insulation Displacement Connectors are used exclusively for plain old telephone wires (POTS), alarm and other low voltage circuits. You insert the wires, compress with a linesman pliers (or special tool) and the metal teeth inside will pierce the insulation and make a permanent connection that is moisture resistant. While the Dolphin is re-distributed by a variety of manufacturers and refers to the round tubular unit, the 3M UR performs a similar job but has a gel to protect the wires.

B Type Splice Image



Outdoor weatherproof switch or outlet box.



30" 16/3 SJT cord spliced into a temporary light circuit for a local outlet.



Pulled through conduit just after the brush and just before the cable is pulled to spread a coat of wire lubricant on the inside of the conduit. It comes in sizes from 2" through 6"



A rope used by mechanical pulling machines to draw pipe through conduit. It comes in a variety of lengths, widths and tensile strengths depending upon the pull being performed.

Rope (Pulling) Image



A plastic lamp cage or guard to fit over pigtail and protect lamp from breakage.

Birdcage Image



Conduit elbows are available for EMT, RIGID, PVC COATED GALVANIZED, FIBERGLASS and PVC. The standard elbows come in 90 degree and 45 degree but a wide range of bends and radiuses are available. In general, the customer ordering a PREFAB 45 is looking for a 45 degree elbow and you have to ask what kind of conduit it is being connected to.

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