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What do a "bug" and a "cherry" have in common?

They are both electrical slang terms!

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Split bolt connector (looks like someone taped over a bug) used to mechanically join two or more wires together.

Hey Jim-Bob I need three #6 bugs right quick.

Bug Image



Cover to adapt 4" or 5" boxes to accept a wiring device. Wall plate added later, (see also 'Square Device Box'; 'Combination Box Cover').

Combination Box Cover Image



The Right Angle Beam Clamp (RC) attaches pipe at a right angle to a beam. Associated products are the Parallel (PC) and Edge (EC) clamp. Comes in sizes from 3/8" to 4" conduit.

Right Angle Clamp (RC) Image



When used with AC cable or Greenfield, Anti-Short ® bushings protect the wires from being chafed by the roughs end of the armor at the point of connection. NEC article 333-9 requires their use on AC (armored cable). They are placed between the outer metal armor and the conductors forming a protective shield at the point where the wire is bent during final connection. In the trade, they are referred to simply by their sizes 0 through 8 depending on the size of the cable or Greenfield.

Red Head Image



Tests the condition of wire insulation and the presence of shorts.

Megger Image



The device that a power blower shoots through a conduit system when fishing the initial line. It typically has a hard plastic core with a flexible foam body that fits a specific pipe size. It comes in 1/2" through 6" conduit sizes and has a loop at both ends to attach the fish line.

Piston Image



This is a self-drilling Phillips round wafer head sheet metal screw. It is also referred to as a Sharp Point, Wafer, Peanut, SMS, RWH or a M/T head. It is used to attach lathe or Caddy® type fasteners to metals studs. It is a #8 screw in lengths from 9/16" to 1-1/4" but is usually ordered in 1/2".

Sharp Point Screw Image


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