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This is a rotating coil dispenser used for Greenfield, Armored Cable, Romex and any other product that is pulled from a coil during installation. The design allows easy dispensing and avoids the tangling that often ruins armored cable and takes valuable installation time to straighten out.

Sit-N-Spin Image



The Right Angle Beam Clamp (RC) attaches pipe at a right angle to a beam. Associated products are the Parallel (PC) and Edge (EC) clamp. Comes in sizes from 3/8" to 4" conduit.

Parrot Beak Image



This is a hand tool that strips the insulation off wires. It comes in a variety of different configurations that vary the wire size, handle type, and other features. See the Old TIMER story.

T-Stripper Image



The service wedge clamp provides a mechanical strain relief for self-supporting drop wire. It gets attached or wedged to the support wire on incoming utility ACSR, Aluminum or AAAC conductors which typically range from #6 to 4/0. This fitting protects the cable from breaking under adverse weather conditions and is a convenient device to support the cable while the drop portion is cut to size. They are available from several suppliers such as Blackburn, Madison, and Porcelain Products with different part numbers depending upon the wire type and size.

Chicken Catcher Image



The CUBEFuse™ is a compact industrial power fuse where all of the components meet IEC 60529 for "finger safe" compliance. This means that the maintenance personnel have added protection from accidentally touching energized equipment during fuse replacement.. From 1 to 60 amp 3 pole 600v configurations.

Cubefuse™ Image



Holds gem box in sheetrock by offering counter pressure to the box ears.

Steamboat Image



When inserted into a conduit run, it provides a means to attach wires or fish line at one end and pull them out through the other. The flat, spring metal design makes it extremely flexible and capable of navigation through elbows and turns. It is typically sold in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4" widths with lengths from 25 to 100'. For convenience, they are also sold within fish dispenser reels to automatically extend and retract the fish tape but most people buy the inexpensive wire fish only and store it in a short piece of Greenfield.

Snake Image



A nylon multi-pocket bag that fits over 5gal bucket to turn it into a tool bag.

Bucket Bag Image


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