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What do a "bug" and a "cherry" have in common?

They are both electrical slang terms!

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Used for telephone installations. A hole in the bit end assists in wire pulling.

Bell Hanger Bit Image



Short elbow w/cover on back. Either threaded or S. S., and male, female or both ends.



A bit that lets you cut multiple pre-set hole sizes in a single bit. Their self-starting tips means that you don’t need to center punch the hole prior to drilling. They are made from high grade steel and are ideal for cutting through thin metals like steel, copper, brass and aluminum. Because there is only one cutting edge, step-bits produce consistently round holes that are de-burred as they are drilled.

Step Bit Image



Connects and separates two boxes while building a raceway between them.

Box Spacer Image



Split bolt connector (looks like someone taped over a bug) used to mechanically join two or more wires together.

Hey Jim-Bob I need three #6 bugs right quick.

Servit® Image



A hollow, metal, flexible conduit system made of either steel or aluminum. Wires are pulled through them in accordance with NEC 350, 430-123, 502-4, 503-3, 517-30, 645-5. You find this used most often for fixture whips, motor attachments to safety switches, and other short run connections where a flexible system is more suitable than a rigid pipe system.

Greenfield Image



30" 16/3 SJT cord spliced into a temporary light circuit for a local outlet.


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